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  • pearweed notes

    is it down?

    after being joined at the hip to a computer for so many years, i often rely on tools for answers without thinking about the fact that some people don’t know these tools exist. today, i attempted to visit photoblogs on the shutter chance site and the blogs of the people i visit wouldn’t pull, so…

  • notes


    in my recent post with the photo of the Baby Ruth advertisement on the door window, i had the chemical formula for dextrose typed out like C6H12O6 and i thought there may come a time when you wished to type something in that format, like H2O for instance, so here is the html script. you’ll…

  • javascript html

    HTML bling

    i’ve long been enamored by typography, fonts and anything that can be displayed on the web through what we know as text. sometimes i like to add something decorative; in recent years, labeled ‘bling’ to a page, so when i ran across this little ‘bling’, it wasn’t enough that i could copy and paste it.…

  • javascript html


    Typewriter text is a fixed width text with the old fashioned typewriter looking font and can be a useful method of drawing the eye to a particular word or phrase; possibly a hyperlink in a section of text. Let’s say I wanted to point you to my design web site at   and…

  • iMessage stickers

    iMessage stickers

    We Make Apps Too ! using our own graphics, we have compiled sets of sticker apps for iMessage each set is unique with simple & to the point messages 'lil bird thoughts iMessage stickers are to encourage the ones you love with a set of (30) stickers that give a whole new meaning to "a little…
  • take_ten


    you’ve been working on your latest project for too many hours. take_ten site 01     P A R T I C A L S

  • javascript html

    pull quote html code

    would you like to add a pull quote into your web site to make it appear like the paragraphs below ?