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is it down?

after being joined at the hip to a computer for so many years, i often rely on tools for answers without thinking about the fact that some people don’t know



in my recent post with the photo of the Baby Ruth advertisement on the door window, i had the chemical formula for dextrose typed out like C6H12O6 and i thought

javascript html

HTML bling

i’ve long been enamored by typography, fonts and anything that can be displayed on the web through what we know as text. sometimes i like to add something decorative; in

javascript html


Typewriter text is a fixed width text with the old fashioned typewriter looking font and can be a useful method of drawing the eye to a particular word or phrase;

iMessage stickers

iMessage stickers

We Make Apps Too ! using our own graphics, we have compiled sets of sticker apps for iMessage each set is unique with simple & to the point messages 'lil


you’ve been working on your latest project for too many hours. take_ten site 01P A R T I C A L S

javascript html

pull quote html code

would you like to add a pull quote into your web site to make it appear like the paragraphs below ?