f L Y
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  they were nestled in the high grasses and i didn’t know, but when i scared them, they scared me, and i was pleasantly surprised that i kept my presence of mind to trip the shutter     Photography is…

d E L u G E
images, landscape

d E L u G E

  Slate coloured clouds with ragged fringes are drifting slowly overhead. Between them one has a glimpse of higher clouds of a lighter grey. I can hear the gentle swish of the rain striking a clearer note on the gravel…

d o o R
images, structures

d o o R

  Footfalls echo in the memory down the passage which we did not take towards the door we never opened. — T.S. Eliot said that

r O S E
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laST r O SE

image notes: Lensbaby 3G Selective Focus SLR Lens with Lensbabies 0.6x Wide Angle Lens 37mm     A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions. So delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty,…

c o T T E n
images, landscape

c o T T o N

cotton in the field, eastern arkansas   I can see a cotton field Old men working in the mill I can see the load in the trunk of my old blue Oldsmobile I see the tears in my mama’s eyes…

s T A n D
greyscale, images, people, structures

s T A n D

  I’ve known both misery and happiness, lived in so many different skins it is impossible for one skin to claim me. I have felt like a wayfarer on an alien planet at times. Walking, running, wondering about what brought…

h E a R T s
beautifully decayed, images

h E A r T s

  a vine of hearts do you see it ?     I don’t go out looking for pictures. I go out, and if something catches my eye, that’s reason enough to photograph it. — Henry Wessel said that