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in the inn
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in the inn

That there was no room in the inn was symbolic of what was to happen to Jesus. The only place there was room for Him was on the cross. — William Barclay said that

the c h e f
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the c H e f

  It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate; you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. — Julia Child said that     image notes: transparency. disjointed text. sliced text. why ? trends.

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  film photograph & graphic art mix, what’s real and what’s not ?   The world turns softly not to spill its lakes and rivers. The water is held in its arms and the sky is held in the water….

l i F E
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my l i F E

  One of the ongoing projects of modern art, and probably its most serious, is to tell what it’s really like to be living here now. Not what it’s like on television or in advertisements, not what it’s like to…

artography, graphic art, illustration, images, typography


  One never can tell from the sidewalk just what the view is to someone on the inside, looking out. — George Ade said that   Exif data: Aperture Value: 4.644 Digital Zoom Ratio: 1 Exposure Time: 1/5000 Flash: No…