Searching through old papers looking for something entirely different, I ran across a poem I’d torn from an old magazine.

The page; now yellowed with time is from the May 1987 edition of REDBOOK. When I read the words I’ve included below, I remember thinking, “This is how I’ll feel one day”.

Our two oldest children are grown and on their own and I understand the full impact of the words I saved from the magazine.

A person likes to believe the sting subsides through the years when in reality the sting is replaced with an ongoing set of rotating emotions.

pride. fear. loss. emptiness. joy.

night watch

I am taut,
wanting sleep
but wide awake,
waiting for
the sound of you.

It is irrational,
but I can neither
cancel fear
of the unknown,
nor yet concede
that you are now
a man.

So beautifully written by: Genevieve Smith Whitford

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