in tHe 60’s

in the 60's

in the early 60’s, i recall standing in the bathroom watching my dad shave. after he finished, he opened the mirrored medicine cabinet on the wall which was way too high for me to have ever seen inside, dropped something, and i heard it fall to the floor.

after examining the floor and seeing nothing, i asked what he had just done. he replied that he’d dropped his razor blade into the slot in the medicine cabinet. when he further explained that it had gone inside the wall, i was both amazed and had a moment of thinking, “ewh”. i see now my “ewh” moment wasn’t out of place.

back in the summer, we bought a home built in 1915, remodeled in the 1940’s and now we are nearing the end of remodeling it ourselves. when my husband tore out the main bathroom, all of these razor blades were in the wall. if there was one blade, there were a thousand.