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retro mcdonald's

do you remember, back in the day (old people use phrases like that), when we had console TV’s ? remember how, after time, they would get to the point where a black screen with a white, horizontal line would appear when you first turned it on ?

if you remember that, then you’ll remember two other things. first, you’ll know the fix for the line. that’s right, you pounded the top of the TV with your fist and voilà, the picture appeared.

however, before a TV got to the point where the line appeared, it would take spells where the picture would glitch and there would be moments of lines across the screen. we’d all groan every time the screen got a glitch because you couldn’t watch the show with glitches across the screen and my dad would say, “it’s interference from a short wave radio” or “someone has a police scanner nearby” or something along those lines.

well, apparently somebody either liked those glitches, or somebody much younger wishes they could have lived with glitches because there is a graphic trend called “glitch” and it’s creating those square, pixelated lines across a photograph or a graphic design.

this capture of a retro McDonald’s has transparency and glitch applied to it.


why? trends.