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oLd gLORy
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ouT of LiNE

  Abuse of power particularly outside the proper chain of command is an ugly thing. People may lie to cover their motives; and while motives cannot be known for certain, patterns are easy to observe, giving a clear perception of…

summer's end
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summer’s end

  i can’t believe we’re nearing summer’s end and the kids go back to school next week. whatever happened to a long summer break ? i suppose we don’t like those anymore. sigh… did you hear it ? it was…

bien fait
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liTtLE tHiNGs

  do you keep your buttons & pins when you buy something at a store ? i do if they are out of the ordinary, because i never know when i may want to photograph them. the bag is from the…

cat eye
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cat eye marble

  My Grandmother lived her entire adult life in a shotgun house. In fact, she quietly slipped away one Christmas morning while the world around her home of three rooms was filled with the joy of children’s excitement and laughter…