porch swings

Remember those carefree days when you sat on a porch swing in the evening and listened as the sounds of night began one by one to chime together creating a symphony? Do you recall the breeze touching lightly on your face and the feeling of it brushing away the heat of the sun and you felt a peaceful solitude as you gently swayed back and forth in a set rhythm?

Oh, that a day like those days existed in reality and were more than memories stored away as a file in the mind. This has been a day shaped entirely by our ecommerce world in which I’ve become entangled. There doesn’t seem to be a place where porch swings and cyberspace meet.

Even now as I sit at a computer typing words that will spread around the world and back again; and in some respect find satisfaction in it, I also miss the simple life I once lived. How many lifetimes ago was that? I cannot recall.

It’s as water passing under a bridge, rolling downstream, never to be seen again. People have vanished from this life, leaving empty places in my heart and empty porch swings on empty porches of empty houses. Those houses were homes where children laughed and played and voices carried across open fields.

I wish things were simple again.

— i said that

(film photograph, #sagegrass)