oN tHE squARe


Small towns in the southern part of the United States commonly have a town square, which if you’ve never seen one is literally a square parcel of ground in the center where the town courthouse sits and around the square there are buildings like the ones in this film photograph.

Some things never change because people resist change; being creatures of habit. Not all change is good, but an unwillingness to change simply because we don’t like change is an unhealthy and unhelpful attitude.

It develops a town where it’s commonplace to see abandoned, decaying structures and a large population of elderly people. The children who were born and raised in these small towns go off to college, get jobs in large cities; sometimes in other states and rarely if ever return.

This photo reminds me of a movie set.

“The places we have known do not belong solely to the world of space in which we situate them for our greater convenience. They were only a thin slice among contiguous impressions which formed our life at that time; the memory of a certain image is but regret for a certain moment; and houses, roads, avenues are as fleeting, alas, as the years.”
— Marcel Proust said that