the purr of a feline

t E A R

How do you write a tear? Can you possibly convey the burning sensation as it wells up at the rim of your eye? Sometimes they dissipate with no flow. Other times one or two spill over the limit and trickle onto your cheek.

Late at night when I lie in the darkness hearing the silence broken only by the even breathing of my husband I have been suddenly overtaken by sobbing and within minutes the surge has past leaving me empty. The next morning when I awake there is a crystallization of dried tears beneath my eyes. They have the feel of grit which I suppose must be salt.

So again I ask, “How do you write a tear?” Is it the moisture in the eye, the flowing onto the cheeks, the wretched sobbing that aches in the chest, or the dried salt?

All I know is every stage is painful and comes from a place as elusive as the purr of a feline.


— i said that